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When it comes to online security, what you don't know can hurt you. ExnoScan provides an immediate, comprehensive scan of your domain, flagging potential risks and vulnerabilities that are exposed to the outside world. With an easy-to-read report, our service empowers you to take control of your domain's security. Say goodbye to the unknowns; make informed decisions to secure your digital assets today.

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Unlock the secrets of your domain's security landscape with our cutting-edge passive scan solution! Wondering what your domain is revealing to the world? Our easy-to-use tool scans your domain and delivers an insightful email report detailing your exposed internet services and even uncovers potential domain takeover vulnerabilities. Elevate your security posture and get ahead of attackers. One click could be the difference between secure sails and sinking ships 🚢. Act now and steer your domain toward impenetrable waters!

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* Adhoc reviews are human reviews of the submitted domain when resource is available.
* Several features are work in progress so may return false positives. If you do, please do reach out.

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